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family siting on a table with blue tablecloth, at the back the bear of UNC called Klawz

Yes, We Did It! Latine Families Come Together to Celebrate Graduation

¡Sí se pudo! Familias latinas se reúnen para celebrar la graduación.

Families come together to celebrate more than 330 Latine-identifying students graduating this spring.

The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) celebrated the achievements of its Latine student community with the vibrant and culturally rich LatinXcellence event on Sunday, April 28.  

In its fifth year, the annual event is organized by the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, along with the César Chavez Cultural Center and other key allies. Its serves as a momentous occasion to recognize the hard work, perseverance and accomplishments of Latine graduates, honoring their journey through academia and beyond.  

This spring’s LatinXcellence event provided a platform for more than 600 participants, including students, faculty, staff and families, to come together in unity and celebration, showcasing the diverse talents, resilience and contributions of the Latine community at UNC. Attendees were treated to inspiring speeches by UNC’s President Andy Feinstein, Rogelio García-Pérez from the COSI program and graduating student Izbeth Pacheco Holguin, who shared about the relevance of having representation in the classrooms. The audience also enjoyed the captivating performance of Andrea Camacho, who sang a song from The Little Mermaid, a series of songs interpreted by the Latin Music Ensamble conducted by the new Director, Javier Viñasco, and heartfelt expressions of pride and solidarity from friends and families.  

As graduates crossed the stage, they were cheered on by their peers and loved ones, marking the culmination of their academic endeavors and the beginning of exciting new chapters in their lives. 

a group of graduating students with sarape stolas One hundred and twenty Latine identifying students participating at LatinXcellence ceremony.

cake with the decoration that reads latinxcellence

The celebration cake. 

Campus commons performance hall full with families and friends of latine students

The celebration was held at the Campus Commos Performance Hall with more than 600 participants. 

Andrea Camacho

Andrea Camacho, who is graduating this year, singing a song from The Little Mermaid.

Graduating student in an electric car receiving her sarape stola

Students received their sarape stolas as a gesture of cultural receptiveness. 

boy with sunglases and a t-shirt that says Vamos Osos

Families and friends celebrated this trascendental academic milestone. 

Cenit shot of a table with food and other tables with people

Delicious food and beautiful music made the event more enjoyable. 

five people

Families shared their pride for their Bears. 

Javier Viñasco inviting the public to sing

The Latin Music Ensamble played several songs. 

Izbeth Pacheco giving her speech

Izbeth Pachecho giving her moving speech. 

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